Monday, March 4, 2013

#9 - Planting Bed #3

Planting Bed #3

This is Planting Bed #3, prepared on November 2012.

Planted with Fodder Radish, December 16, 2012, a Root Day. Extremely valuable compost crop with very deep tap root that brings up nutrients from the subsoil and breaks up clay. Produces a great bulk of material. Traditional over-winter forage relished by animals like sheep. Edible big juicy roots. Planted 3" apart in a hexagonal pattern so that the leaves of the radishes will touch each other and create a Living Mulch. About a 4'x5' area.

I took this approach to help break up clay soil and make for a bed that will let me Double Dig easier.

Upon return to the farm, the radish had begun to come up! December 30, 2012

A close-up, very exciting! Although, if you can't grow radish, you might as well give up gardening. There's no hope for you.
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