Wednesday, April 22, 2015

#36 - Fig - LSU Purple #1 & #2

I purchased these 2 Fig plants in 2014. The freeze we had didn't kill them.

LSU Purple fig is a very reliable, prolific producer of early to late delicious figs. One of the best figs to come along for some time. Excellent for containers, producing early figs as soon as growth starts. Very acclimated to the fluctuating weather of the South, does great in Virginia Beach. Zones 7-9. Best to pick a few days after fruit turns black, wrinkles and elongates. Space 10' to 12' circle

#35 - Fig - Kadota #1

I purchased this one Fig plant in 2014.

In zone 7, Kadota is an open bush, ripening most of its figs on last years growth. The fruits are yellow, mediumto large size and delicious, ripening best with full sun and hot temperatures. Also known as Peter's Honey fig. Kadota is a popular fig because as a canned product it can be purchased in super markets in the US. Kadota is excellent fresh and very sweet. It sometimes ripens a few early figs that are extremely large. Space @ 10' circle

Friday, April 17, 2015

#34 - Blackberry - Black Magic

I purchased this Blackberry cultivar called Black Magic in 2015. Zones 5-9, Upright, self supporting, height to 4 feet, width to 4 feet and full sun.

#33 - Blueberry - Sweetheart

This is a Blueberry called Sweetheart, I purchased in 2014. It is supposed to set two crops a year. First crop in late Spring and second crop at Summer's end. We shall see.
Needs full sun in the north and partial shade in the south. Zones 4-8, Plant height 5 to 6 feet, plant width 3 to 4 feet.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

#32 - Guild #3

This is Guild #3, summer of 2014. Well, actually just the primary, Pomegranate Angel Red. The support plants will be added in the future. I'm trying to establish the fruit trees first, then the supporting plants.

It's also under a Tree Bag to protect it from grasshoppers.

#31 - Guild #1 Summer 2014

This is Guild #1, summer of 2014. During the spring, grasshoppers hatched and completely defoliated the tree and bushes. Then they started working on the bark. My solution was to buy a Tree Bag to protect the plants from the grasshoppers.

It does work. Grasshoppers haven't figured out how to chew through the net, or that the can. They can still get in because the beds I built are not the same height. The primary tree get a 2x12 size board, while the supporting plants get a 2x8 size board. But not that many get in. It's hard to drape the net over four plants. It's really meant for one tree. You can see in the picture above, that I can protect everything but the blackberry bush. But believe it or not, it survived.

The plants did survive and started to grow and leaf out again!

#30 - Asian Persimmon Cultivar - Jiro

Asian Persimmon Cultivar - Jiro. One of the first selections from Fuyu. Ripening about 3 weeks before Fuyu. Productive tree, larger than Maekawa Jiro. Hardy, usually to zone 6. Height and spread about 12' - 15'. Fruits above average in size. Fruits are ripe when hard with orange color. zone 6 - 10.

This is Jiro #1 I bought from Edible Landscaping, in 2013. They grow their trees in pots. It's November 2014 and all the leaves have fallen off. The picture above shows the tree from summer 2014.