Tuesday, March 5, 2013

#11 - Propagation - Autumn Olive

Propagation of Autumn Olive

What the picture above shows is a Clam Shell Air Propagator, secured around a branch from an Autumn Olive shrub or small tree. In the Permaculture world, Autumn Olive fixes atmospheric nitrogen in its roots. For that reason, trees are planted near them to benefit from the nitrogen.

Propagation or cloning plants is an inexpensive way to increase your trees and bushes and other plants. The idea of the Air Propagator is that you cut the bark of the desired plant to be propagated, and affix the clam shell around the cut so that the stem will root. After the plant has rooted, you can remove the branch and plant it, thereby cloning your plant. That's what I'm attempting to accomplish here. We shall see if this is successful this year.

Also, the Autumn Olive produces fruit that is juicy and edible, and also makes a good dried fruit. Though the fruit are small, the tree bears them abundantly. They are tart-tasting, with chewable seeds. Their content of the antioxidant lycopene is some seven to seventeen times higher than that of tomatoes.

The picture above shows a successful cloning of a cutting I took from one of the Autumn Olives I bought. I did not use the Air Propagator for this cloning. I will try to get a better picture as I see this one is a little out of focus.

A better piture taken on March 19, 2013.

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