Monday, March 11, 2013

#12 - Horn Manure 500

Horn Manure 500

The idea behind Bio-Dynamic Gardening is to build up soil. Bio-Dynamic farmers consider themselves farmers of the soil. They do this by using special preparations, "Preps" for short. I sprayed the "Bio-Dynamic Prep" 500 on Sat. 9, 2013. I obtained the version that Alex Podolinski developed. Used to stimulate root growth and humus formation in soil.

The day was overcast and there was a 40% chance of rain. All it did was spit on me. It was fairly windy also. It is not recommended to spray when it is too windy. But I really wanted to do this.

I don't believe that I can make this on my farm yet. Hopefully in time I will be able to make this prep myself. But for now, I have to buy this prep to heal my soil, that was used for hay production before I started to farm. So there are some bad farming practices that have to be corrected.

I also hope to have cows on the farm one day. They are the magic that happens on a Bio-Dynamic farm. If managed properly, they will help heal your land.

I believe that Permaculture can save the world. And that to manage it properly, you should practice Bio-Dynamic Gardening.

If you want to know more...check out Peter Proctor


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