Sunday, June 30, 2013

#17 - Propagation - Blackberry Plants

Propagation -  Blackberry Plants

The photo above shows three cuttings taken from three different Blackberry plants. One (far right) was from a Apache Blackberry plant, and the other two (on the left) were taken from Arapaho Blackberry plants. All plants were planted in 15 gallon soft pots. The Cuttings were taken from the new cane shoots.

This one is the Apache...

Cutting taken from this plant, from the new shoot this year. I thought that I might as well take a cutting so that the plant will bush-out as recommended. I took a cutting that was about 12 inches long, stripped off most of the leaves, and stuck it in the pot about almost half-way.

One of the Arapaho...

The other Arapaho...

This is one of two of the Arapaho plants I took cuttings from. Again, the idea of cutting the top most part of the new cane so the plants will bush-out.

 I had success last year doing this, but some of the plants were damaged by squirrels hiding their pecans in the pots. For some reason, they like to bite the plants in half will digging. Sometimes new shoots will sprout up from the ground. It will happen if your plant had time to root. I will keep the soil moist and mist the plants also, and hopefully in time they will root and become another plant.

On a side note...I am spinning the new release from Steve Vai. His new album is called, The Story of Light. I have to confess that I'm a guitar nerd. I love a lot of the so-called guitar heroes. Check it out...

Steve never ceases to amaze me. He writes very unusual music, sometimes I think he is from another planet. Check out this video taken the Eric Clapton's - Crossroads Guitar Festival, which I had the pleasure of attending in 2004. I was there!!

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