Wednesday, June 19, 2013

#16 - Apache Blackberry Plant

Apache Blackberry Plant

We're eating from our Apache Blackberry - Rubus spp, this summer of 2013, the fruit is tart when just turning black, but very sweet when ripe. I bought eleven plants in the spring of 2012. Ten went to the "Farm" in Kemp, and I kept one here at home. The pics are of the plant at home. The plants at the "Farm" took some damage from grasshoppers, so they're not doing as well, but they are alive. The grasshoppers are not eating them yet, but I am sure they will before the year is over.

This is the first year the plant has produced fruit. The fruit is not as big as I've seen it get from other plants. Hopefully it will increase every year from now on.

It's really cool to me that we're eating from our very own plant! Don't you just hate people that discover things other people have been doing for years. But it really is great!

Audible...I'm currently listening to "NOS4A2", an audiobook written by Joe Hill, who I've come to find out, is the son of Stephen King. I've read Joe's other book, "Heart-Shaped Box", which was very good. I recommend them both if you're into horror.

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