Saturday, January 11, 2014

#19 - The Beast!

The Beast!

Imagine there are no Governments and there are no Banks. Imagine that human beings can govern themselves. Self ownership rather than a slave to the afore mentioned. That's what I'm trying to do by preparing a homestead. I'm trying to break the chains that enslave me. I don't believe that we need the Beast (governments and banks) to live. In fact, I believe we will never be free until governments and banks are starved. Being in debt feeds the Beast and keeps you in shackles.

The reason I say starved is because you can't defeat them by fighting them. But you can starve the Beast. There are things you can do to starve the Beast. Barter would be one way. Exchanging something of value for another something of value cuts out the taxman. Taxation is theft. The Beast feeds on taxes.

I'm attempting to redefine what wealth is to me as well. Is health, wealth? Is growing your own food, wealth? How about raising livestock? Is spending time with your family, doing the things your family likes to do, wealth? Or is it being in debt, working for that nice shiny car. Or that big house.

If I had one thing to say to young people right now, it would be to head for the rural areas and learn to live off the land. If you don't have land, beg someone to let you farm for them until you can buy your own place. And then start to barter. Or if you want to make a business of your farm, accept precious metals for your surplus and services.

Ultimately, the goal is to starve the Beast. Because the ultimate goal of the Beast is to create a one world government. And it is achieving that by keeping you in debt and taxing you to death. Wake up!

Unless you think the Beast is going to take care of you.

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