Wednesday, January 9, 2013

#7 - 13 in 13 - Gardening

Planting Bed #2
Planting Bed #2 is a mirror to Planting Bed #1. It was planted with the same over winter mix (field peas, oats and vetch) as Planting Bed #1. Planted October 2012.

The picture above is the over winter mix I bought from Johnny's Seeds.

The picture above is Planting Bed #1.

The picture above is Planting Bed #2 in December 9, 2012. You can see that the peas are flowering.

The picture above is after a cold front came through just before December 16, 2012. Hopefully the Vetch will come up in the spring.

On a side note...The new album from that little ol' band from Texas is good!


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