Thursday, December 27, 2012

#2 - Libertarianism

This blog is my documentation and progress of my own individual secession from the status quo. I am a one man revolution against the current "American Dream", which I believe is a lie. I arm myself not with guns, but with a broadfork and a packet of seeds (open pollinated, non-GMO of course).

I invite anyone of my friends to take up arms with me. Arm yourself with a chicken, goat or milk cow. Build a Tiny House on wheels and join me as we plant with the phases of the moon.

I was set upon this path to liberty by accident. In the recession of 2008, the company I worked for, laid-off half its employees and cut my wage and my hours. I tried looking for another job, but since the housing market was hit so hard and was what drove my industry, I could not find one. I panicked. How could I care for my family if I lost my job? I looked at my situation and realized I was fracked if I didn't do something. After thoughts of changing careers, I decided to start a garden in the meantime. Which lead me to researching and learning anything I could about gardening on the internet and books.

Gardening lead to Permaculture and Bio-Dynamic Gardening, which I will do my best to practice. I accidentally discovered The Survival Podcast, with a community of like minded people who also are living the dream.

And this is the beginning of my liberation. I believe I should be able to live as a free man. That every individual should have the same freedoms as the next man/woman. And I don't care where the person lives. It could be America or it could be Mars. That some animals are NOT more equal than others.

On a side note...I'm excited about the reissue of the Beatles catalog being released on vinyl. I have acquired a few copies and the sound is incredible. The source is from the 2009 digital format using 24-bit/192 kHz resolution, but not compressed.

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