Thursday, November 27, 2014

#29 - New Fig Cultivar - Texas Everbearing #2

New Fig Cultivar for Fall 2014 from Legg Creek Farm. Legg Creek gives a free fruit tree with every order. With the plum purchase I made in November, they sent me a Texas Everbearing Fig Tree.

This is Texas Everbearing Fig tree #2. The Texas Everbearing Fig Tree is a medium-sized fig tree that produces very sweet, amber-colored figs. It is one of the most commonly-grown fig trees in the southern US, and tolerates a wide range of temperature. Usually starts bearing figs its first year! Makes 2 crops of figs per year: one ripens in May, and the other in in August. Texas Everbearing figs are tasty, and nearly seedless. Self-fertile. 150 chill hours. Zones 7-10.

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