Saturday, June 14, 2014

#23 - Pomegranate Propagation in a Pot

I had a late freeze kill my above ground Pomegranate, Angel Red, the reason was because I didn't repot the plant into a bigger pot. The good thing was that the root system was still good and alive. So I had the idea of propagating the plant by putting a ring around the shoots that were springing forth and there by causing the shoots to root out. Then you can cut out the ones that have rooted and start new plants. Not sure it will work. Only time will tell.

These are garden bed borders I found at Lowes.

The ideal medium to use would be sawdust. But I used this because I didn't have sawdust.

The final step will be to stake the individual shoots so they grow up nice and straight. Now to see if this works.

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